Do you remember the popular OK google’s Commercial ads on TV, saying;

‘OK Google, Jalan ke Pringgarata’?

It’s not without a reason why Google have chosen this place for its first Commercial TV ads for Indonesian audiences.

Pringgarata is a district in Central Lombok regency covering 7 villages; Murbaya, Pringgarata, Sepakek, Bagu, Sintung and Bilebante.

This place has recently become a trending topic nationwide for its unique Perosotan game “Traditional Flow Riding” at the Abangan Irrigation Channel. MTMA Indonesia (My Trip My Adventure Indonesia), a well-known Travel program on Trans TV also aired the excitement of this Prosotan game which instantly turned this place into a popular tourist destination.

So far, people only know that Abangan Irrigation Channel is the only place you can visit in Pringgarata. It’s so wrong.

Just recently, Lombok Friendly teams have found 3 beautiful waterfalls situated only 5 kilometers away from Abangan.

3. Batu Kejong Waterfall

Happiness is finding a waterfall when you were only looking for a stream. .
? Air terjun Batu Kejong, Pringgarata
? by @aditralfath

2. Goa Batu Emas Waterfall

A beautiful waterfall hidden inside a beautiful cave

1. Batu Berundak Waterfall

The smallest of the tree waterafalls in this area

How’s the access and trek to get to these waterfalls?