Who doesn’t like to chill under the cascading waterfall? Trust that most of us do love the waterfalls but not so many of us liking the fact that getting to the waterfalls can be very difficult and sometimes even a bit extreme.

Lombok  has hundreds of beautiful waterfalls scattered throughout the entire island. However, most of these waterfalls are hidden away and situated quite far from the parking area which required long hike through difficult trails. So, what if you want to see waterfalls, but don’t like the outdoors, can’t hike, or just want to see something really quickly? Fortunately, there are a few of them that are perfect for those who want a waterfall that requires little efforts to visit.

Here are 5 of Lombok Waterfalls for those of you who hate hiking.

5. Air Terjun Kelambun, Gunung Sari

When you put your hand in a flowing stream, you touch the last that has gone before and the first of what is still to come – Leonardo Da Vinci.
? Kelambum waterfall, Bukit Tinggi – Gunung Sari
? by @aditralfath

Gunung Sari in West Lombok is now starting to gain its famed as a destination for waterfall lovers. By far, there are around 12 waterfalls recently found in this area but again, getting to most of them requires extra efforts going through long and difficult hiking trails. But there is one of them that is quite easy to reach from the parking area.

Air Terjun Kelambun precisely located in Bukit Tinggi Village, about 40 minutes drive from the main town “Gunung Sari or Mataram area’. Compares to the other waterfalls in this area, kelambun is the most popular and is the easiest one to reach. You can even see the waterfall from the parking area.

Getting there: Gunung Sari – Penimbung – Bukit Tinggi

4. Air Terjun Keluncing , Sesaot

This waterfall is newly found. So, not so many people knew about it. It’s actually very close from main tourist attraction ‘Wisata Pemandian Sesaot’. Situated in Desa Pakuan, about 1 km from Wisata Pemandian Sesaot, Air Terjun Keluncing is definitely a must visit when in Sesaot.

This waterfall isn’t so high, only about 10 meters height but is quite nice with beautiful surrounding. From the parking area, you only need to walk for about 5 minutes.

Getting there: Narmada – Suranadi – Sesaot – Pakuan

3. Air Terjun Batu Santek, Sesaot

Situated only about 500 meters from Air Terjun Keluncing, Batu Santek is also not to be missed. This place actually has two waterfalls in the same area. Again, similar to keluncing waterfall this one is also not very high but definitely worth a visit.

From the parking area, you only need to walk less than 5 minutes.

Getting there: Narmada – Suranadi – Sesaot – Pakuan

2. Air Terjun Jaran Kurus, Sesaot

Compare to the other two waterfalls in Pakuan Village, Jaran Kurus waterfall is my most favourite. It has 3 different falls in one area. Good for swimming and it has a much cooler water than Keluncing and Batu Santek.

From the parking area you only need to walk for about 10 minutes.

Getting there: Narmada – Suranadi – Sesaot – Pakuan

1. Air Terjun Batu Janggot, Setiling

We were very lucky to be among the very first to visit this place. Now, it started to become very crowded. Avoid visiting this place on the weekend.


Situated only 10 minutes walking from the parking area, this waterfall is also considered kid’s friendly.

Getting there: Pancordao – Teratak – Pemotoh Barat – Pemotoh Tengah – Pemotoh Timur.