Nature is the best version of A Supermodel. They look divine from every angle, against any backdrop.

Traveling is no longer about pleasing your eyes with beautiful views and stores them in your head as good memories. Nor about being somewhere new and leave your real life for a little while to make yourself feels like a brand new person. Now, traveling is also about going out to hunt some great pictures to share with the world through social media. Social media rules the world. We have to admit that.

Social media has turned people into becoming photo addicts, either as a model or as the one who holds the camera. Every second, there are millions of pictures spread over on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Where do they come from? us.

Now days, you don’t have to be a pro photographer to become popular on Social Media. You simply just need to travel a lot and snap photos using your Smartphone and share them online. You can instantly be super popular with thousands of fans. Of course, it can’t be just any kind of photos. You definitely need to have some really good ones. Finding good places to shoot pictures do count on this.

If you happen to be in Lombok, check out these 9 beautiful hills and mountains

1. Rinjani Mountain 3726mdpl

While most of us can only dream about being a top a mountain, some decided to make it happen! @jordentually just did. Rinjani mountain, Lombok ?
? @jackson.groves

2. Pergasingan Hill 1670 mdpl

If this doesn’t blow your mind, I don’t know what will. Siapa yang ingin kamu ajak kemari?
? Pergasingan hill, sembalun ? by @diorhaves

3. Nanggi hill 2300mdpl

Photo courtesy of @alhi_dzirin on Instagram

4. Semvana hill 2329 mdpl

Photo by @adhy_nata on Instagram

5. Bukit Monjet 1150 mdpl

Photo courtesy of @arifmaf on Instagram

6. Bukit Selong 600 mdpl

Photo by @aditralfath

7. Batu Idung hill 450 mdpl

Photo by @kameramet on Instagram

8. Merese Hill 200 mdpl

Photo courtesy of @mapping.along on Instagram

9. Gunung Tunak

Photo by @aditralfath


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