Satonda – an island with an ‘ancient’ crater lake at its centre.

Satonda island is a flooded volcano — the lake is salt water, not fresh. The story goes that when Tambora erupted, a massive wave washed over the edge of Satonda’s crater rim, filling it with water. European scientists Stephan Kempe and Josef Kazmierczak did a research in 1984, 1989 and 1996 resulting that Satonda Lake is a rare phenomenon because of the salty water with alkaline levels much higher than regular sea water. It was their combined opinion that Satonda basin coincided with the formation of craters which aged back more than 10,000 years. Info source:Top Indonesia Holiday

satonda island
Photo courtesy of @rizkyariyanto
Pulau Satonda NTB

On the island, there is only one resort ‘Satonda Island Beach Resort’. This beautiful Satonda island is also surrounded by white sand beaches with crystal clear water. This spot is quite a popular diving destination in Indonesia.

Getting to Satonda island:

From Pancasila you need to get an ojek to Nganamiro, which costs 50,000 rupiah one way, and then from Nganamiro you need to charter a boat to the island. Boat charter will cost around 500K oneway.