When you think of Kuta Beach Lombok, what comes in mind? A beautiful beach with pristine clear water, gorgeous sands and scenic mountains? Is that all?

aerial view of kuta lombok
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Kuta beach Lombok is now the center of Lombok tourism developments where numbers of five star hotels are being built as well as the MotoGP circuit.

sunset on selong belanak
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Long been known as the ‘Beach Lover’s Paradise’ also as the Surfer’s Paradise in the south part of Central Lombok regency, Kuta beach is definitely bucket list worthy for everyone visiting Lombok island. The massive development centralized in this area not without a reason. It’s not only because of the beauty that this place has to offer, but also because of the strong history related to Lombok’s kingdoms in the past. And not just that, nearby the Kuta beach there are also plenty of beautiful places situated within minutes drive and some even within walking distances. Head east from Kuta, you’ll find the stunning Tanjung Aan beach with the fabulous Merese hill right next to it and the local’s favourite beach, Batu Payung. To the west from Kuta, you’ll end up seeing the surfer’s paradise ‘ Are Goling” , the beautiful Mawun beach, The Krypton ‘Semeti’ beach, Mawi beach and Selong Belanak beach. Are they all about beaches? No.

Goa bangkang aka Goa Raksasa Lombok Tengah. ? by @agusm123

Just about 10 minutes drive from Kuta beach (on the way to Mawun beach) you will find the beautiful ‘Goa Bangkang or Goa Raksasa’ means The Giant Cave. Not so well-known yet, but it definitely rocketing to the top list of places to visit in Lombok.

Did you know that Sasak ‘SADE’ Traditional village and art market is also in Kuta? Visiting this traditional village can give you an insight look of how the Lombok ‘Sasak’ people live.

air terjun dekat pantai kuta
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Another thing left unknown about Kuta is the Tiu Merendeng waterfall. This waterfall is not so high compared to many other waterfalls in Central Lombok, but still worth a visit.

Getting to Tiu Merendeng:
From Kuta beach – Head west (Same street to Mawun Beach) – SDN Kuta – Merendeng Village