It’s Official! BTNGR Opens A New Hiking Route to Mount Rinjani

The new route to Mount Rinjani through Aik Berik has been officially Opened. 19/11/2018. Photo: @zilmizola on Instagram

A new hiking route to Mount Rinjani has been launched through Aiq Beriq, Central Lombok region.

The view of Lake Segara Anak from Pelawangan Batu Belah, Aik Berik. 19/11/2018. Photo: @zilmizola on Instagram

According to a friend who joined the hike, this new trail takes only 6 hours from Aiq Beriq to Pelawangan Belah Batu. And for the moment, hikers can only make it up to this spot due to the landslides along the way to the Lake and to the summit.

The new hiking route to Mount Rinjani through Aik Berik, Central Lombok. Photo courtsey: @yass_musafir on Instagram

This new trail offers not only a shorter trek, but also a more panoramic view with numbers of beautiful waterfalls, stunning waterways and rich habitat of flora and fauna. More than 75 species of butterfly including the beautiful Troides helena which also known as Common Birdwing and also more than 55 varieties of orchid can be found along this new trek. And also not to forget mentioning the wildlife animals like the iconic Rusa Rinjani (One of the symbols of West Nusa Tenggara Province Logo), Musang Rinjani, and many species of birds.


The common birdwing butterfly. Photo: @girafe1011 on Instagram

If you want to try this new trek, you can book directly at the BTNGR office at Benang Stokel waterfall entrance.

Please be informed:

1. In the meantime, this is the only route you can take for Rinjani Trekking.

2. The existing routes; Senaru, Sembalun and Timba Nuh are remain closed due to landslides.

3. No access to the lake Segara Anak, nor to the summit due to landslides.

4. Enjoy the beautiful Rinjani from Pelawangan Belah Batu, Aik Berik (picture no. 1)


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