The alert level for the Mount Agung volcano has been downgraded from level four to level three.

Mount Agung activity has decreased steadily over the past 6 days says Centre for Volcanology and Geological hazard mitigation spkoseman, Mr. Kasbani. The evacuation zone surrounding mount Agung has also been reduced – now only 6 villages within the red zone.


Centre for Volcanology and Geological hazard mitigation spokes person says He hope the volcanic activity will continue to decrease. Evacuees from the areas other than the 6 villages affected will be adviced of the mount Agung status changed and assisted by BPBD to return if they desire. Mr. Kasbani says, Mount Agung status downgrade is purely as a result of the decrease of volcano activity, and no other pressure. Therefore, anything outside the new 6 – 7.5 km exclusion zone including the holy Besakih temple is now safe.