It’s not without a reason why Chinese magazine South China Morning Post named it one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia and placed it as No. 1 on the ranking board.

Here are the reasons :

5. Beautiful Beach with Strong Character

Photo by @hotelmilu on Instagram

Known more as a surfer’s beach, Selong Belanak in the southern coast of Lombok offers not only great waves for surfers at any levels of surfing skills; from beginners to advance but also some true essences of nature beauty. With its long stretched white sugar sands that can actually reflect like a mirror once washed by the waves, pristine clear water, majestic mountains and the lush green nature surrounding, this beach is a true piece of Paradise on earth.

4. Amazing Sunrise Scene

Photo by @biyaso on Instagram

At sunrise, stand a chance to witness hundreds of buffalos walking along the beach making their way to the mountains that is something rarely seen elsewhere and somehow brings some sort of African vibe.

3. Pristine Clear Water

Photo by @hotelmilu on Instagram

2. Magical Sunset

Photo by @aditralfath @lombokfriendly

Sunset on Selong Belanak beach is just magical. Come down to the beach at 5 pm and amaze yourself watching how the sun kisses the water, turn them into a golden ocean and slowly changes the colour of the sky into pink and then purple before it finally kisses the day a good bye.

1. The Purple Sunset

Photo by @aditralfath @lombokfriendly



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